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Create a special gifting experience through your store.

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Unlimited Gifting.

Customers can send gifts directly to friends or family from your Shopify store!

Custom Gift Messages.

Gifted orders are sent with custom messages to recipient as a customizable email with order details.

Open Your Product's Audience.

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Open your products up to a broader audience by allowing gifting to your customers audience!

Available for Shopify & Shopify Plus.

The perfect gifting app! Create a special gifting experience through your store. Allow your customers to send your products as gifts, directly to friends and family. Giftify is perfect for any gifting occasion, with an entirely customizable message from the gift sender to their recipient, sent immediately upon purchase to notify the recipient of the gift on the way!

Whether a last minute gifting option, or a well thought out gift, Giftify provides the opportunity for your customers to instantly send gifts with immediate gifting notifications and optional shipping and tracking details along the way.

Your customers already love your products, now they can become a great ambassador for your brand by introducing your products to their audience through gifting. Allowing your products to be sent as gifts will drive new users to your store through the gifting experience allowing you to incorporate the recipient into your marketing funnels.


- Add a robust gifting option to your products.

- Customizable look and feel to match your store's branding.

- Immediate Gift notification sent to customer's gift recipient.

- Track gifted orders.

- Pro plan available for deeper integration and further customizations.

Key Benefits

- Allow customers to introduce your products through gifting.

- Increase sales volume.

- Create engagement surrounding your store.

- Immediate email notifications sent for last minute gift givers.

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7 day free trial available.



Customizable button and popup
Confirmation emails



Customizable button and popup
Confirmation emails
Hide Branding
Custom SMTP Server
Send email updates on fulfillments
Edit email templates

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Giftify?

Giftify is a gifting application for Shopify & Shopify Plus that allows stores to offer a gifting option to their customers. This gifting option runs directly in Shopify, asking a customer to complete a gifting form with a personal message that is sent to the gift recipient upon purchase.

2. How can I install Giftify in my store?

Please visit Shopify Store and find our app by typing Giftify in the search bar. Provide your store’s URL address and hit install. 

3. What browser should I use to manage the app?

You can use any browser or device, although Giftify is optimized for the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

4. How do I add the Giftify button to my shop?

In the settings, click the enable button to enable Giftify to run on your store.

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