Actionable automation.

Automate most everything from order confirmations, to ready for pick up notifications and beyond! Thank your customers after their orders, and invite them back to purchase more!

Feed Management.

Let our experts create, manage and maintain your audience, assuring your feed is healthy and avoiding downtime.

Newest technologies.

Leveraging the Twilio platform, Minion Made is capable of utilizing the lowest costing, most advanced communication technologies available.

Minion Made

Minion Made

SMS features.

Programmable SMS has the features you’ll need to build quickly and scale to production. We’ve solved the hard problems so you don’t have to.

Global, tested phone numbers

  • Phone numbers in 32 countries
  • MMS-enabled numbers in US and Canada
  • Short Codes in US, CA, and UK

Text message delivery intelligence

  • Recipient area-code Geomatch
  • Sticky Sender
  • Scaler
  • Message queueing
  • Message expiration setting

Smart content handling

  • Twilio Understand NLU engine
  • MMS rich-media support
  • Support for any character
  • Smart encoding
  • Intelligent concatenation
  • Message and phone number redaction
  • Opt-out management

Add more channels with the same API

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • LINE
  • RCS Business Messaging

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